This interior design contract being entered into between Lorena Martinez Designs and client furthermore known as “The Parties”.

Whereas the Client has expressed an interest in interior design services, and the Service Provider is experienced and able to provide such services,

Whereas the Client has agreed to enter into this interior design contract with the Service Provider of their own free will,

The Parties hereby agree to accept the following as terms pursuant to this interior design contract.


The Service Provider as well all individuals representing the Service Provider shall not under any circumstances divulge or communicate any client information which can be reasonably considered private or confidential.

Violation of this confidentiality clause shall be grounds for legal action against the offending party.

Upon the conclusion of this contract the Client will return all documents, drawings, and forms to the Service Provider and will receive any necessary copies for their records.

Late Fees

Any payments not received within 10 days of this interior design contract’s completion will be considered late.

Late payments will be subject to a 10% late fee, in addition to any fees incurred by the Service Provider in collecting payment for services rendered.


Any design ideas, styling or home products given by service provider to client during consultation that is purchased without consent of designer will be subject to overall design percentage paid to provider.

If failure to oblige to clauses stated above, Designer has the right to terminate contract.

Client Information